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Brian and Savanah Boise Idaho LDS Temple Slideshow | Boise Idaho Wedding Photography

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, glowing girl name Savanah. She dreamed of stardust and butterflies and a wonderful man to make her dreams come true. She wanted a man who was noble. She needed a man who stood on his own but would help her achieving all she had dreamed of. She wanted to spread her wings and fly, but she knew there had to be a man out there who would fly alongside her. And with each of them flying to set the way for the other, she knew she could fly farther and faster and higher than she had ever hoped.

She wondered about this man, and Savanah found Brian.

To me, as a friend, it is like Brian and Savanah coming together is a circle that was finally complete. All that Savanah had told me she wanted in a man she found in Brian. And even more. He is noble. He will set the way and let her fly and help her fly, and together I know they will soar!

It is my privilege to know Brian and Savanah and to learn from their examples of resilience in life, adaptability to change, faith, hope, and joy.

And besides their being the perfect match for one another, they fell in love!

I love you forever. And so many people love you.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day, when your circle was made complete.

You’re soaring days have only just begun.

And with that, Savanah and Brian, here is your day!


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