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I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home – A Military Homecoming for a Daddy and his Two Boys | Boise Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

I was in my pajamas, rushing my little three-year-old to joy school one morning, no makeup on, when Melyn quickly approached me. And oh how happy I am that she did.

“Are you on maternity leave right now from photography?”

Well…yes…but I’m taking a few things. What do you have in mind?

Melyn told me her husband was coming home from deployment soon, and if I was able, she’d love for me to be the one to photograph that sweet reunion for them.

Oh, Melyn, what an honor to be considered! Yes. Yes. Yes.

I served a mission for my church in Venezuela in South America. Living there I realized oh how sweet my country is to me. Landing in Miami after 18 months of living outside the U.S., just as I exited the jet bridge, I literally knelt down on the ground and kissed the matted, trampled-on carpet.

Home. Sweet. Home.

For Cameron and Melyn to make family sacrifices, and all our military families, in order to protect this country that we hold so dearly to our hearts, is an unspeakable service that reverences me.

Melyn and Cameron decided to meet privately when his plane landed, but to then have a family reunion on their front steps at home with their two little boys.

My assistant and videographer, Rachael Burnham, and I were there for the moment.

We circled around trying to freeze into memory even a slice of the wonder of heaven that touched earth.

The fact that Cameron’s homecoming was laced with a broken down plane, breaking down on the runway time and time again before takeoff. Delays and unknowns about a working plane carrying our servicemen home in an hour or a week. Cameron sleeping on his duffel bag, on a cot, not being able to communicate much to home and the like. Those facts and the desperation of just wanting to be back together made the family reunion that much sweeter.

A family back together again. Together. In one place.

Scotty and Britain, I could see how much your daddy loves you. May there be many hours of trains and blocks and toy cars ahead.

Cameron, Melyn, Scotty, and Britain. Thank you for giving so that we might be free. And to your parents, siblings, neighbors, and all who love you and support you through your service, thank you for giving up so much for the good of the rest of us.

It was nothing but a privilege, Cameron and Melyn, to be there to capture this moment for you.

Nothing but a privilege.

Welcome home, Daddy. So glad to have you safe and sound.



Thank you to my wonderful assistant, Rachael Burnham, for her incredible talent in creating this video for this family. Click the link below to see their homecoming video:

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  • Rachael Burnham

    You captured this moment so perfectly. They are going to cherish these photos forever!!ReplyCancel

  • Judy Baker

    Thank you for sharing these tender moments with us. Prayers for Cameron’s safe deployment and return home, and for the guidance and protection over Melyn and Scotty and Britain have been answered. We love you and thank you for your service.
    Mom BakerReplyCancel

  • Candice, these are incredible!! Truly moving!!! You did an amazing job!!! What a treasure for this sweet family!!!ReplyCancel

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