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Hair and Makeup

Mariah Joy Kimball and Niki Woolstenhulme are our in-house Hair and Makeup Artists.

I spent more than 8 hours interviewing hair and makeup artists to make sure I found just the right people to provide the experience and product our brand speaks to. Since the goal of my photography is to bring out the true and natural beauty in each of our clients, I knew when I saw Niki and Mariah’s work that they were the ones for the job!

Niki, our professional makeup artist, highlights and brings out the best and most beautiful features on each individual. Her technique tastefully hides flaws from view while her artistry brings out the innate and most stunning that is you.

Mariah has magic in her hands and in her artistic vision to craft hair to the most flattering shapes for each individual. She does classic to perfection and also adds innovation so that classic is always fresh.

Working with Niki and Mariah ensures you will look nothing but yourself. Your very best self.

Natural. Beautiful. Timeless.

Video by Rachael Burnham Films

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