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Kyle & Raechal Bundy Anniversary Session | Boise Wedding Photographer | Boise North End & Hyde Park

These two are what fun IS!!! Seriously, I was not at work at ALL. We had the best date ever. And what made it so great was that Timothy, my hubby, was my assistant, so it really just felt like a double date with a camera in hand. LOVE.
Kyle and Raechal have been married six years, and guess what, they just knew it was time for an anniversary session. Why oh why do we stop celebrating our love and marriage with a camera after the wedding day? Let’s not do that. Let’s celebrate always.
Of all of the rewards of being a photographer, one of the biggest pats of the back of all is to hear these words after a photo session from a previous family-photo-session-hating husband: “Wow. That was actually fun. I actually liked that!” What????? A family-photo-session-hating husband has been redeemed? Yes! Yes the answer is yes!
Check out below the redemption of a previous photo-session-hating husband, ;), and the story (the dang hilarious and awesome story) of Kyle and Raechal’s love…
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 5
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 3
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 4
Raechal’s nerves and Kyle’s reaction:
So, you know how not everyone is in love with getting their pictures taken? Well… My husband is that to the extreme! As a matter of fact about 2 years ago he swore up and down we would never ever have family pictures taken ever again because it was such a nightmare. It was seriously a miserable experience.
Because of this I was SO scared to try a shoot with Candice Andrus but every time I thought about it I couldn’t help but want to! Her pictures are always so gorgeous & I was always so jealous of others that worked with her & had her art (beautiful pictures of them) hanging in their homes! So, without telling my husband I signed up!
Then I had to break it to my husband… It had been almost 6 years since we last took couples photos… It was time! He was far from happy with me but I told him to just be cool about it. And let me tell you, the experience was phenomenal (even my husband agrees). I would seriously do it once a month if I could, not even exaggerating! It was the ideal photography experience (in my opinion) from the get go!
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 2
Candice e-mailed & texted with me in order to connect & get to know me & what I wanted out of our pictures. She didn’t just show up the day of the shoot & snap some pics & call it good! We have all had those photographers! Instead, she asked questions, lots of questions & I know she studied my answers carefully because at my shoot she remembered my specific answers! She cared, she really cared, how cool is that?
She 200% went above and beyond the call of duty! She helped me narrow down outfit choices and told me exactly what would & wouldn’t look good together! But at the same time she was like if you show up in sweats because that’s YOUR story then so be it! I love that! She doesn’t make the experience about her at all yet she’s there to guide you every step of the way!
And stop it right now, her make up artists & hair stylist were both incredible! They made such a good team! I told them what I would prefer & they took it above & beyond my expectations! Both of the girls were professional but fun & they gave me tips that I could use on a daily basis! I loved that! I felt SO beautiful after & when my husband saw me he was like, “WOW, LET’S GO GET MARRIED AGAIN!” That was the confidence boost I needed because sometimes when you’re a mommy and taking care of others instead of yourself, you simply don’t feel pretty, but that night I did!
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 6
Anyways, after getting pampered Candice took us to multiple venues but in a short period of time so we didn’t get burnt out but we got multiple looks & sceneries. It was seriously FUN! She was so personable & funny & she gave awesome directions! I never had to sit still & hold poses until I got bored! I loved that! We were moving & interacting & getting REAL pictures!
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 9
I didn’t fake a smile the whole night & my husbands smile never faded because his was sincere! He actually wanted to be there! He even told my family that he would do it again! And I think he said it best when he told Candice after the shoot, “It’s really saying something that I was starving and I still had a good time!”
So thank you Candice for restoring our faith in photographers & allowing us to have such a spectacular experience! I really would do this again in a heart beat & I would recommend you & your team to everyone I know!
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 8
Yay! Yay yay yay right???
And here is a snippet from Kyle and Raechal’s story, in Raechal’s words:
“We met the summer I graduated from high school! Kyle literally showed up at my house one day, but don’t get me wrong, it was definitely not all rainbows & butterflies that summer. As a matter of fact, Kyle doesn’t even remember the multiple times we hung out! (In his defense they were group outings & he had a girlfriend but HELLO I was still there!) Turns out he thought I was still 12 & far too much of a tomboy! So, I left & went to school at Utah State & we didn’t talk for about six months.
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 7
Fast forward… I came back home for Christmas break & I went to his church activity & he was there (and as cute as ever might I add)! But get this… HE INTRODUCED HIMSELF! Yes, like we had NEVER met! He was like, ‘HEY, I’M KYLE‘ & I was like, ‘Yeah I KNOW, I’M RAECHAL ‘ The nerve of that guy, I tell ya! His jaw dropped & the chase was on…
I apparently forgave quickly because we were engaged two months later! Yeah, I was that “typical Mormon girl” that I always made fun of but I couldn’t even help it! I literally couldn’t wait another second to start my eternity with him! It has been 6 years & I’m still 150% in love with him & if I could I would marry him all over again!”
Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 10
From our preparation time together I had the best time reading their answers!:
  • What are three words to describe your unique energy as a couple?

FUN, lovable, sarcastic

barber shop blonde love engaged cuddles

  • A question for the wife :), out of all of the men in the world, why did you pick your amazing future husband?

I mean have you met the guy?! There’s really no question! He is just the right amount of silly & spiritual! He compliments my safe & quiet side & I trust him with my whole heart! I honestly didn’t even want to date him because I knew he was the one that I wanted to wake up next to for forever… But that’s scary! What if it didn’t work out? I would be crushed for good! Lucky for me, it did work out! He picked me, I won! & when he popped the question I said no. I thought he was joking & that wasn’t something I wanted him to joke about! He showed me the diamonds & then I said yes! Hahaha

Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 11

  • What is your favorite thing about your love story?

That it’s OURS! It may be silly to some or not good enough for others… But to us it’s perfection! It fits our personalities to a T & we laugh a little every time we tell people about it! We also love that our story will NEVER end! Cheers to eternity!
And my personal favorite answer from Rachael…

  • What do you hope to convey to your future children through these images? When your grandchildren and great grandchildren see these images, what do you hope they will see?


Love love love this Raechal and Kyle. And love love love these pictures.

Bundy Anniversay - Candice Adrus 1


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