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The Clayton Family Boise Riverbanks Nature Session | Boise Idaho Family Photographer

The Clayton Family. What can I say, they are each such gorgeous people. That blonde hair. And let me tell you, blue eyes every. single. one of ’em. Wow. I felt so lucky to do these images for them.

Sandy told me in their pre-session questionnaire that their family could be described as “happy, strong, and loving”. I wanted to make sure to capture that with close and bonded shots, and also capture their playful side with fun and candid images.

Pat and Sandy narrowed down the location to this I had shot here before but was so excited when we arrived and everything was still in peak green condition.

Sandy did such a good job choosing their clothing and coordinating to her living room as well. When we met to discuss our image creation, we talked about her living room, the style of her home, and the look we could go for in their images. I can’t wait to deliver their products and see how Sandy’s amazing home decor and styling is amplified with portraits of the most important thing to them, their family.


Family of four sitting on grass smiling with trees in the background

I always make sure to get several classic family pictures and just love the bond I see in their family when I look at the calm and serene tones in their children and the happiness Pat and Sandy have being their parents.

Then seeing scrunched up eyes and noses as they cuddle and get close just exudes emotion that can be captured in no other way. I love their candid shots!

Closeup picture of family of four hugging and smiling on grassFamily of four candid photo sitting on grass with creek in the backCandid photo of family of four on grass smiling and laughingFamily of four closeup with daughter laughing

Look how that little buddy, Kyler, loves his family and leans into him as his role model. And happy and playful Tehya.

Candid photo of family of four standing and laughing lifting up daughterFather and son closeup photo with river behind them

I LOVE this image of Kyler and his Dad. And below in the way sweet Tehya looks up to her kind, compassionate and strong mother. And the way Kyler cherishes his mama. I just LOVE these images. Priceless relationships.Candid photo of a mom with her son and daughter sitting down on log and holding hands

You should have seen us in the ordering session. Man alive! We could NOT decide between these images of Tehya and her Daddy!!!

Father and daughter photo sitting on log in the grassPhoto of father holding hands with daughter walking away in grass

Working with children on my own is when my inner magic really starts to come out. Pat and Sandy were so amazing to back up a little and let me just be with their children. I wanted to make sure to get Kyler and Tehya’s real and natural inner souls. Kyler is such a protective and caring older brother, and it is evident Tehya really relies on his brotherhood and they are bonded in an undeniable way. This image is so precious. It just might have to go up in my studio.Brother and sister photo sitting on log across pathBrother hugging sister while sitting on logCandid photo of brother and sister on log smiling and huggingBrother and sister sitting on log laughing and playing

Oh man! We had the best time!Little girl sitting on log in pink dress and boots with an umbrella

I can’t tell you have ecstatic Tehya was that I brought this lacey parasol. She was my first little girl to be photographed with it, and it turns out umbrellas are one of Tehya’s favorite things in all the world! She was just BEAMING. Isn’t she?!

Closeup of little girl with pink dress and a blue necklace holding an umbrellaLittle girl with pink umbrella and pink dress with boots sitting on log looking awayYoung boy with blue hat and plaid shirt sits and walks along logCloseup photo of young boy in blue plaid shirt and jeans sitting down in grass

Handsome man. Handsome, handsome, handsome.Photo of husband kissing wife on cheek in the trees

Photo of couple hugging in trees

The Clayton family is just beautiful. But more than that, strong and fun. It was such a natural and relaxed time we had as we captured these images for them and I hope they will cherish them for years to come.

I loved working with you, Claytons. And love even more that we are friends.




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