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Is Why We Are Here

You are planning the most precious day of your life! At Candice Andrus Photography, we are so pleased you have visited us in order to preserve this day for you for years to come.

Here at Candice Andrus Photography, we dedicate ourselves to creating a personal, custom experience in order to surpass your portrait photography expectations. Our studio is proud to create the most timeless and highest quality wedding preservation heirlooms in the industry. Choosing the Candice Andrus Photography wedding experience is an investment in creating irreplaceable and valuable family heirlooms that will only appreciate with time.

Let us fulfill your wishes of a lifetime of reliving this beautiful day with genuine, beautiful portraiture, timeless family heirlooms, and a wedding photography experience that is smooth and effortless.

A Note from Candice

Finding a good fit as your photographer is one of the most stress-relieving decisions you can make.

Brides! Grooms! Mothers-of-the-Brides!

I love LOVE! I know. Most photographers will be telling you this. And if they’re shooting weddings, I hope they love love too! But I just find the opportunity to be around a couple in love one of the luckiest places to be.

Your photographer is the one other person you will be with most on your wedding day besides your new spouse. And what a privilege that is to me. To do your portraits and rejoice at the beauty we are capturing. To fade into the background and capture your day as if I wasn’t there. To get the moments of your loved ones being their raw and genuine selves. JOY. That is JOY to me.

One of my former jobs was in the corporate office of one of the biggest wedding gown designers in the world! I was with the President, CEO, and Designers on a daily basis. I was also working and talking with BRIDES on a daily basis. Aside from having been a bride myself, I know there are too many decisions and too many things to think about in a time when you want so badly to just have a beautiful day and not worry about the details.

So as someone having worked in the wedding industry on varying fronts for years, one thing I focus on as your photographer is to be IN THE DETAILS, so you don’t have to! Know that I have everything covered and that you will LOVE your photos and heirlooms!

From my exclusive photo coverage lists, couple questionairres, session prep guides, and vendor referral lists, to tips for planning the timeline of your day, rest assured that once your day arrives you won’t have to think about if everything you want is being captured just the way you want it.


I love *LOVE* and I LOVE weddings.

And I *LOVE* it when you love your photos.

xoxo, Candice




I know how important it is to choose an amazing photographer for my wedding, what if I can’t invest all at once in our wedding package?

For those not able to invest in their wedding package all at once, payment plans are available. Simply contact us. I can’t tell you how many times we hear about people’s biggest wedding day regret: not investing in a great photographer.

I wish I had a personal referral sending me to Candice.

I would be happy to send you the names and contact information of couples I have worked with so that you can chat with them. Also be sure to check out the wedding testimonials page.

Why do all of Candice’s packages offer pre-wedding sessions?

Your wedding day is such a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime day. As much as possible, I like to get to know couples through engagement and/or bridal sessions. As we spend that time together, I will get to know more just what makes you unique as a couple and the distinct personality of your relationship, and you will also become more familiar with me before your big day arrives. Most couples find their pre-wedding sessions to be some of the most fun times they have had together. And that makes for beautiful memories, and beautiful photographs! And because of all the session preparation I offer my clients, you will be more than prepared for a stunning experience and result. From style guides, to tips for preparing, to location options, I’m confident our time together will be nothing but wonderful.

I see you have a detailed wedding contract and a couple’s questionnaire.

Yes. I rejoice in being thorough. As you read through the contract and fill out the questionnaire we will all be on the same page and I can do my best job telling your story. The contract helps set forth what you can expect from me and important company policies. And through the couple’s questionnaire I will best know how to celebrate all of the hows and why of your unique love through gorgeous, timeless images you will enjoy for lifetimes to come.

What does Candice do so that we can rest assured on our wedding day that everything is being recorded?

Several weeks before your wedding you will fill out a photo list for me of the images you want to make sure we record throughout your day. I will guide you through that list so you are sure not to forget anything. Then on your wedding day, you don’t have to think about photography coverage for one second! Candice has got it covered. And I always bring an assistant so you get even more thorough coverage and choices. A second photographer is also an amazing option that doubles your images and memory-recording.

What if I just don’t know which photos to choose for my albums and portraits?

I am here! I want your photos to be available to you easily, so I put all of your images for print and album selection up on a proofing site that you can view from anywhere online, and also share with friends and family. But of course I have my professional opinion I am happy to share and am more than happy to chat with you or sit down with you and guide you through the selection process for the most beautiful heirloom creation possible.

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