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About Candice

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Hello dear new friend! I am so excited we have found each other!

Based out of Boise, Idaho, my fine art photography emphasizes timeless, fresh, and genuine imagery. Apart from my passion for photography, I am a mom, wife, believer, dancer, teacher, musician, and friend.

As a 29 year old, I felt strange and almost out of place pursuing a new passion, and one I was a little obsessed with at that; but a lifetime of studying and creating dance, polishing and performing classical music as a pianist, and modeling on the runway and for the camera myself seemed to fuse together into this new life as a photographer. My past as a performing artist was and is now a present passion through the photographic lens.

Even though chasing photography is a dream for me, living the real dream is being married to the best man I’ve ever known, Timothy, listening to the best “radio station” ever: my daughter Hadley singing as she plays, giving kissing attacks to my toddler chica, Ainsley, spending all day smelling my newborn babe, Henley, and cheering on my sports-loving son, Trent. And that’s the most important dream of my life.

I speak Spanish, love King Crab legs dripping in butter, sing as if I’m Celine Dion when I’m in my car, can’t get enough of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and feel at home when I get on a horse.

Photo by Crave Photography 2014

Photo by Crave Photography 2014

One of the most important things I can do as your prospective photographer is to meet with you so we can determine your needs, wishes, and see if we are a great fit for your day. Give me a call or send me a note through the contact form above and let’s set up a chat.

Here’s to more happy clicking!

Photo by Amanda Andrews Photography 2015

Photo by Amanda Andrews Photography 2015

With love, Candice


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